Going Somewhere in Southern CA? Bus Tours Are the Way To Get There

Published On May 20, 2017 | By Shomik James | Tour Guide

Thinking about taking a bus tour in Southern California? It’s a fantastic idea. Bus tours are convenient, comfortable, better for the environment than many modes of transportation, and a “heckuva” lot of fun, to boot! Here’s why:

Bus Tours Are A Green Way To Travel

Taking a bus or luxury motor coach is one of the best possible choices if you’re an avid traveler who also loves the environment. In fact, motor coaches have lower levels of carbon dioxide emissions, per passenger mile, than heavy rail, light rail, commuter rail, van pool, and air travel.

They average almost 240 passenger miles per gallon. Compare that to the whopping 38 miles per gallon that a typical carpool trip, and you’ll see why choosing a bus trip is an environmentally sound option.

Bus Tours Are A Convenient Way To Travel

If you have ever embarked on a road trip that involved multiple vehicles, it’s likely that you remember what a hassle it was. First, the group had to decide who would drive, which vehicles to take, and who would ride with whom. It’s not easy for a caravan of vehicles to stay together on the road, either. And what happens if one of the cars breaks down or experiences a flat tire? Everyone is held up. Additionally, there’s the wear and tear on individual cars or vans, and who really wants to drive when everyone else is having fun? Bus tours eliminate all of those problems. All the passengers board the bus together, disembark together, and perhaps most importantly of all, have fun together in between. No one is stuck driving, and there’s no need to worry about where to park your vehicles while you’re enjoying yourselves at the destination.

Bus Tours Are A Comfortable and Fun Way To Travel

Forget what you think you know about buses. Unless you’ve traveled by luxury motor coach, you may not realize exactly how luxurious they are. With beautiful clean interiors, no middle seats, individual climate control above each seat, reclining seats and adjustable footrests, you will not be cramped or uncomfortable while you travel.

What’s more, you can while away the time you spend on the bus by enjoying a favorite movie or CD, as motor coaches come equipped with CD and DVD players, iPod connections, and even onboard wifi. Want to spend the trip updating your Facebook or laughing at funny kitten videos on YouTube? Go for it!

Southern California bus tours, like all bus tours, also offer the quote-unquote basic amenities that you can’t always get with passenger vehicles, like air-conditioning, plenty of storage for your luggage, and of course, restrooms on board. Imagine not having to stop every hour to find a restroom! Talk about traveling in comfort.

Bus travel — when you’re talking about luxury motorcoaches, that is — simply makes the most sense. Get the whole gang together to take a trip today, and you may not even want to arrive at your destination!

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