Lost Your Luggage at the Airport? Here’s What you Should Do

Published On November 27, 2016 | By Shomik James | Travel

Losing your luggage is the last thing you want to happen if you are travelling. This immediately affects your itinerary and your psyche. However, when the airline mishandles or loses your bag, there are some steps that have you to before leaving the airport. However, let us start with the things you need to do before you go to the airport. These can help you reduce the impact on your flight as you can still access the most important things you need for your travel in your carry-on bag.

It is important to put your essentials in your carryon bag including your laptop, medication, important papers and anything that you cannot afford to lose. Also, take a change of clothing in your best carry on luggage. While you often pack your clothes in your checked luggage, you will want something to change to in case you encounter luggage claim issues. So here are the things to do if you lose your luggage at the airport.

Report the Lost Bag

Find the lost luggage counter to report the incident or look for an employee of the airline to get assistance. The majority of airlines require the filing of the report within 4 hours, though some allow 24 hours. File your claim with the airline you boarded with, even if you arrived at your destination through a connecting flight. Make sure you obtain a copy of the filed form.

Know When and Where you Can Expect to Get your Bag Again

Typically, a found luggage will be sent to your hotel or residence, in case the mishandling takes place at the end of your trip. Often, you won’t be charged for this service, although some airlines may ask for a delivery fee. If you are in a hotel, inform the front desk that you are expecting a luggage delivery.


Ask about the Type of Assistance you Can Get from the Airline in Terms of Replacement

You may need thing the things in the bag you lost to continue on your trip. A lot of airlines cover some or all of the cost of buying new clothing. A number of them may provide toiletries when the bag is just delayed, instead of lost. Remember that there is no law that governs what they should do. Every airline has its own guidelines.

In case you don’t get your luggage and travel gear after five days, it may be really lost. At this point in time, you will have to file the appropriate claim for total reimbursement. Because this is likely to take place, take a picture of the content of your bag before every trip. You can use these when filing your claim. You may be able to get maximum reimbursement of $3500 for a lost luggage on a domestic flight depending upon the airline. It all comes down to paperwork and negotiation, thus, in case you wish to get reimbursed for your lost suit, you have to provide a receipt even if you purchased it many years ago.


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