This Season’s Sailing Odyssey: Turkey

Published On March 30, 2017 | By Shomik James | Travel

The stunning scenery, the historical charm – mixed with lovely yachting facilities and a true touch of the Mediterranean charm makes Turkey a true remarkable sailing odyssey. Widely known as a ‘Blue Voyage’, sailing in Turkey includes more than anyone can imagine: flying fish, stunning sunsets, bluest waters, lots of culture to explore and hostile locals that are happy to help with whatever you need. When you combine these highlights with the lovely cuisine – you got the perfect match for this season’s sailing vacation.

As there appear to be many flavors of sailing in Turkey, the one that always goes first on the list is sailing Turkey on a private yacht – for the impeccable experience.
Yacht charter around Turkey is the ultimate way for uncovering all its beauties and hidden treasures along the coast. Still this task can be time-consuming and almost impossible to do in one holiday, so the one itinerary that any sailor would suggest for a start of your Turkish journey is the Carian coast sailing.

The hidden beauties of sailing at the Carian coast

A destination that the Turkish people love to explore during their summer holidays is often the Carian coast – a long one that runs all the way from the popular Bodrum to the touristy Marmaris.

The reason local sailors choose this itinerary are not these crowdy towns, on the contrary, the lowly populated coastline and the charm of the gulfs and the larger settlements at this coast.
If you follow the steps of the locals, you will easily find yourself separating the big Cyrian coast to three logically set areas: Gokova Gulf, the Hisaronu Gulf (where the lovely Orhaniye is the center of all things happening) and the south coast that goes around Marmaris.

Once you get on board and start your Carian voyage, don’t get disappointed by the limited number of stops you are offered at the north side of the Gokova Gulf. Be prepared to enkindle by the lovely inlets on the south corner of the Gulf where you can loosen up on the intimate isolated beaches surrounded by turquoise waters and relaxing views wherever you turn. Once you are here, don’t miss the English Harbour and the Amazon Creek – two yacht stops that are definitely worth seeing.

The Hisaronu Gulf, a part of the Datca peninsula in the Carian coast is off the beaten track that offer charming restaurants – time to enjoy some traditional Turkish cuisine and the delights (especially baklava) you just can’t miss.

If you have a bit more adventurous spirit, you will be delighted by the third part of this coast – the Bozborun Bay where the dramatic cliffs with wonderful sights. Still, you may want to carefully choose the part of the day for this trip, since the weather can be a little too harsh, even for the locals that are used to the severe hot Turkish summers.

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