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Published On November 28, 2016 | By Shomik James | Accommodation

What makes a luxury hotel or Michelin star restaurant the best of the best? There are many answers to that, of course—fabulous food and dining options, unbeatable ambience, perfect placement relative to the hotspots and historic sites in whatever great city you’re staying, great suites and great service, and much more. For all the major successes these hotels and restaurants get right, what truly turns a good restaurant or hotel into a great place to visit are the many little things they get right.

Having clean, crisp, luxurious linen options are just one of the many ways such establishments distinguish themselves, and the way discerning tourists can identify the best places to stay and eat in cities such as Newcastle.

Linen Hire for Restaurants and Kitchens

When it comes to outfitting your restaurants and kitchens, it begins with outfitting your staff. People come to a quality restaurant or hotel, in part, for the aura and ambience created by the interplay between personnel and staff. That means having a staff which looks as chic and professional as you envision your product, which in turn means looking into quality linen solutions. For example, chefs should have crisp linen attire of solid white or black which is as durable as it is chic. The same goes for waiters and waitresses, who should be able to provide guests with immaculate linen napkins and towels upon request.

These napkins, as well as any other serviettes, should ideally be of a solid colour which matches some element of your décor. Darker colours can connote a sense of exclusivity and class, whereas slightly lighter tones can be a bit more warm and welcoming.


Of course, whether you’re outfitting your restaurant or restaurant personnel, the most important thing about your linen has to be its quality. Bespoke linen bespeaks a quality establishment, so you want linen options which are clean, crisp, durable, pleasing to the touch, and have an undeniable quality of luxury about them. For example, Johnsons Stalbridge provides linen hire to businesses throughout Newcastle, servicing the best establishments in the area.

Linen Hire for Hotels

Luxury hotels are able to exude an undeniable air of exclusivity from carpet to ceiling. That said, having stained linen sheets or odiferous towels in your rooms can rather ruin that “air of exclusivity.” The best hotels realise that luxury begins with comfort, which in turn begins with the basics—bedding and bathroom supplies. When guests check into a hotel, they want to be greeted by fresh sheets and fluffy warm towels. It therefore behooves you to look into linen sheets which not only go with your overall bedroom décor for each room, but are likewise durable and can hold up to repeated usage and washing on a regular basis. The same goes for your towels. As with serviettes in a restaurant setting, your linens should be paired to the overall colours and aesthetic of the rooms in question.

Outfit your rooms and employees with luxurious linen options and watch your reputation grow.

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